The Time Machine

The Time Machine

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We have a long established friendship with refold and over the years and it has been exciting for us to see many of James' visions manifested. The republishing of HG Wells, The Time Machine is a project that has lasted several months, it contains new chapter artwork as well as a sound track (accessed by scanning codes as you go through the book ) by Justin Wiggan.

To celebrate this we thought it would be the perfect idea to pair it with a coffee, we've chosen what we believe is the perfect accompaniment, thick and creamy with a  nutty aftertaste.

As a pioneering fictional description of time travel it has been the basis of over 120 years of stories on the same subject, and many have not been able to expand on Wells' vision.  Why relevant today?  As a gaming study into the dangers of class division, inequality and greed it is perhaps more relevant now than when it was written.  Still though as a straightforward sci-fi adventure it remains tense, odd and exciting among even the most modern works in it's genre.  It has been edited with some slight trimmings of the text to provide modernisation of some of the more obviously historical outlooks and language it contains.  

Please notice the addition of the QR codes.  By scanning these as you come to them you will be able to listen to and or download Justin wiggan's soundtracks for each chapter of the book, which will set the atmosphere.

Included is

  • The Time Machine, republished and illustrated by Refold.
  • Digital sound track to download.
  • 2 Bags of 250g "The Time Machine" coffee as beans or ground to your choice.
Brazil - Ipanema Estate
Pulped Natural
This coffee is pulped and dried using the honey method, a specific process that provides a creamy and thick velvety body with a distinctive nutty aftertaste.