PNG Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

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We're excited to be working with NGHCE (New Guinea Highlands Coffee Exports) to bring some of the previously undiscovered and phenomenal small coffee lots that often get missed, our current selection is from the LTD. EDTION collection, Ottio.

What NGHE do, the vast majority over 90% of growers in Papua New Guinea are small farm households.  Especially the growers in remote areas.  Access to what we take for granted such as road access and a network to even sell their coffee, makes it a hard task for many of these small growers to get their coffee to market.   NGHE work to make it possible for these small farms to be able to compete in todays markets and making sure that the producer receives the much higher price for their coffee that they deserve. For further information (

Especially suited to espresso based drinks, but enjoyable in all styles.

Papua New Guinea
Citrus, honey, chocolate; delicate acidity, smooth body.