Roast Masters 2023, Golden Fork 2022...

Roast Masters 2023. We've been accepted to compete this year at the  Amsterdam Coffee Festival. Designed by the creators of Coffee Masters, Roast Masters is the cutting-edge tournament celebrating the best specialty roasters on the planet. This year at ACF, some of the worlds best specialty roasters will compete in teams in a fast-paced, head-to-head, knockout tournament. Put through their paces by a panel of industry-leading judges in front of a crowd, this is the ultimate test of skills, know-how and commercial aptitude. This is a unique opportunity to excel in front of key industry players and an international audience.

Great Taste Golden Fork 2022 Winner and 3 Stars Our Indonesian Sumatran Fairtrade Organic was awarded top accolade for taste in Wales for 2022, at the Golden Forks ceremony Following a record-breaking 14,205 food and drink entries from 110 countries across the world, Great Taste, the world’s largest food and drink accreditation scheme based entirely on taste, has reached its grand finale for 2022. It impressed the Great Taste judges with its “gentle, sweet, spicy flavours which dance around the mouth and then come together in a balanced harmony that finishes with a sweet, slightly fermented linger”, the Indonesian Sumatran Fairtrade Organic made an impression at every stage of the blind-tasted judging process across the 90 days.  Watch me squirm here.

Most Sustainable Coffee Roasters 2021 this was the title of the Welsh Enterprise award that we recently won. We are driven by a need to preserve our environment; we love Wales, and we love our planet. That is why we have made the decision to roast our coffee with 100% of all energy being generated by wind farms. (You may not know but most roasters still use gas and a lot of it!)  Over the next year we will continually be working to improve our environmental impact.  We will keep you posted on our progress!  Thank you again for all the support this past year.  We look forward to bringing you even more great tasting coffee next year!
West Coast of Wales Coffee in a paper bag, but won't it lose it's flavour? After your coffee has been roasted, it starts to degassing, we are freshly roasting coffee nearly every weekday, this means when you place a bean order we are able to package it and post it while its still degassing.  As soon as you receive it just pop it in your own sealed container.

We've trialed this with friends and they have been pleasantly surprised at how fresh the coffee is.  Currently we are only able to offer this on bean orders as we haven't found a suitable way of stoping coffee grinds from escaping.  All you have to do is click the paper bag option when ordering.  Our long term goal is to move away totally from plastic packing but we need people to get on board, please help us make this an option.